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J.T.Baker® Robotic Tips and Plates

J.T.Baker® Robotic Tips and Plates

J.T.Baker premium robotic tips and plates are accessories used for automated liquid-handling. They are designed for use with the most popular third party robotic workstations. Robotic tips are subject to tighter tolerances than tips for handheld pipettes. They can also bring greater efficiency and lower costs as an accessory to automation platforms. J.T. Baker tips and plates can contribute to bring greater efficiency and lower costs to a lab by delegating the time-consuming task of pipetting liquids to a robotic module.

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Precise results. Less downtime.

Engineered to the highest production standards, our J.T.Baker robotic tips can dose even small volumes with high precision and no contamination. Available for ordering now in a variety of sizes, these tips are designed for some of the most popular robotic workstations.

Suitable for a wide range of applications, J.T.Baker conductive and clear tips and plates are trusted by many life sciences and diagnostic laboratories worldwide and are supported for easy, convenient global ordering and delivery through Avantor’s market-leading e-commerce channel,


Features of J.T. Baker’s Robotic Tips include:

J.T. Baker is a leading brand of robotic tips that are offered by Avantor. Some of the top features include:

The ability for dosing with high precision and no contamination
Suitability for use with most popular third-party robotic workstations
Engineering that’s aligned with the highest production standards
Versatility—can be used with a wide range of applications

Robotic tips can be used for a wide range of applications and are a key component in many life science and diagnostic laboratories worldwide. Avantor can provide convenient global ordering and delivery of the robotic tips your lab needs.


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Test the performance of our J.T.Baker tips in your robotic sampling systems. Choose from a selection of filter or nonfilter tips designed to run on several platforms.

Journey of a tip video

See how advanced automated manufacturing, rigorous quality control processes and high-speed video inspection combine to enable the production of millions of J.T.Baker robotic tips every month.

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Complete cleanroom automation

J.T.Baker robotic tips are literally untouched by human hands until you open their packaging: our fully automated production line operates under cleanroom conditions to deliver tips that satisfy the most rigorous specifications for compatibility and cleanliness. And our tool-making facilities and cutting-edge manufacturing technology result in some of the highest precision tips on the market.

What are robotic tips?

The proceeding automatization of laboratories as well as the increased individualization of automated process cycles require accurate disposables. Robotic pipette tips are used in laboratories that use automated platforms for liquid handling. A robotic tip is used as an accessory in a robotic system for the purpose of automized aspiration and dispensing of liquids.

Especially when working with hazardous/infectious samples, robotic workstations allow a safe handling of liquids without the lab technician getting in direct contact with the sample. In addition, automated systems help to deliver reproducible results even for high-throughput applications.

Robotic pipette tips are designed in line with the requirement to handle even the smallest sample volumes that need to be analyzed fast and efficiently. Robotic tips are also available in both filtered and unfiltered versions.

Robotic tips are used when liquids at precise volumes are required repeatedly, making hand pipetting tedious and impractical. Robotic pipetting can save time and money in a lab by delegating the time-consuming task of pipetting liquids to a robotic module and at the same time provide the best solution when it comes to purity and precision.

If robotic tips are conductive they contain electrically conductive material allowing them to detect the liquid level in a vessel, ensuring consistent and precise transfer of liquids.

What are robotic plates?

Robotic (or multiwell) plates are often used in conjunction with robotic systems to significantly increase the throughput of assays, saving time and resources.

Robotic plates help to analyze samples and chemicals in miniaturized wells and allow users to observe each condition after exposure periods, typically from hours to days.

Multiwell plates have become a mandatory asset of modern laboratories and are used in a wide variety of applications. Multiwell plates are routinely used for growth of bacteria cultures, fungi and mammalian cell lines -- as well as for analytical and biochemical testing.

J.T.Baker robotic tips

J.T.Baker conductive robotic tips enable even small liquid volumes to be sampled with high precision and without contamination. The conductivity allows the robotic system to detect and follow the liquid level, guaranteeing minimal immersion into the sample.

  •  Manufactured under clean room conditions (clean room class 8)
  • State-of-the-art quality control
  • Ideal for high throughput analysis
  • Barcoded trays for automated identification (J.T.Baker tips type HT CO-RE and MP)
  • Available with or without filter


J.T. Baker multiwell plates

Manufactured following rigorous quality control procedures, in the same facility that produces J.T.Baker Robotic Tips, J.T.Baker Multiwell Plates make it easier for scientists and researchers to acquire the lab consumables they need for their robotic liquid sampling systems from one source.

  • Majority of plates comply with ANSI/SLAS 1-2004 standard for microplate dimensions
  • Tightness of wells enables efficient high-speed sampling
  • High quality plastics tested and verified free from biological cross-contaminants
  • Alphanumeric coding lets samples be clearly assigned and identified
  • Plates and seals engineered to fit together precisely


Explore all J.T.Baker robotic consumables

Discover how high-quality J.T.Baker products for robotic sampling systems –available through Avantor-- can help improve your analytical and diagnostic operations.

Over a century of quality

For more than a century, customers around the world have trusted the application-optimized and function-tested performance of J.T.Baker brand premium products to meet the demanding needs of a wide range of research and manufacturing applications.

Designed for less downtime

Leveraging decades of experience and innovation from a Germany-based production team, J.T.Baker robotic tips help maximize robotic tool utilization and minimize downtime with a straighter tip and lower coefficient of variation that reduces tip breakage and rejection.

ISO-certified manufacturing

We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 for the production of medical and IVD products.

Independently tested for purity

Blistered tips are tested according to rigorous quality procedures to ensure they are contaminant-free, and they are independently tested and certified free from DNA, DNase, RNase and PCR inhibitors.