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Deodorants and Air Fresheners

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Deodorants and Air Fresheners

When cleaning the room alone doesn’t eliminate stale or bad odors, deodorants may be used to counteract and chemically absorb the molecules responsible. Liquid sprays, powders, or heat activated capsules neutralize stenches while injecting more pleasant scents into the air. Covering the smells generated in the laboratory with natural or fruit fragrances, work spaces become more enjoyable for personnel. By improving the overall air quality, deodorants complete the final step in making rooms fresh.

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Supplier:  VWR International
Description:   These sterilizer deodorizers chemically absorb odor-causing molecules, removing unwanted odors from your facility rather than masking them.
Small Business Enterprise
Supplier:  Bel-Art Products, a Part of SP
Description:   Heat-released deodorant pads neutralize autoclave odors with one of four pleasant scents.

Supplier:  Janitorial Supplies
Description:   The Standard Aerosol Air Freshener Refill contains Microtrans odor neutralizers for effective automatic odor control from 30 to 168 days.
Supplier:  Janitorial Supplies
Description:   These sheets softens clothes and gives a fresh scent. Prevents static cling on garments as they come out of dryer and as they are worn.
Supplier:  Janitorial Supplies
Description:   Unique powdered formula eliminates odors at the source and reduces the level of allergens in carpeting.
Supplier:  Janitorial Supplies
Description:   Shields, protects and deodorizes urinal.
Supplier:  Janitorial Supplies
Description:   Each refill lasts up to 60 days for a continuous fresh smell. Adjustable intensity settings allow users to strengthen the scent based on personal pref...
Catalog Number: (500033-104)

Supplier:  Janitorial Supplies
Description:   Add a small amount of this concentrated liquid formula to water or other cleaning products to destroy nasty odors, without having to worry about alter...
Supplier:  Janitorial Supplies
Description:   Cleans tough odors, doesn't cover them up.
Supplier:  Decon Labs
Description:   OdorGone® Autoclave Deodorant Capsules are activated by the heat and moisture from the autoclave to release the contents of the capsule and overcome u...

Description:   These anti-static air foam dispenser packs are portable around the work place and great for workstation use.

Supplier:  Decon Labs
Description:   The Pill™ Autoclave Deodorizers can be used in 7 cubic foot autoclaves, or larger

Supplier:  Decon Labs
Description:   OdorAider air deodorizer eliminates undesirable odors

Supplier:  Janitorial Supplies
Description:   Ideal for dumpster areas, water treatment facilities, garbage collection areas, elevator shafts and sewers.

Supplier:  Janitorial Supplies
Description:   Microburst delivers air freshener with Microtrans Odor Neutralizer to eliminate odors.

Supplier:  Janitorial Supplies
Description:   ECO-FRESH® Enzymatic Block and Screen freshens and cleans the urinal for up to 1500 flushes.
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Stock for this item is limited, but may be available in a warehouse close to you. Please make sure that you are logged in to the site so that available stock can be displayed. If the call is still displayed and you need assistance, please call us at 1-800-932-5000.
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