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Power Supplies

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Power Supplies

Power supplies convert one form of energy to another that is required for proper equipment operation. Protecting against short circuit and excessive voltage incidents, the working longevity of expensive machines will not be compromised. In case of power failure, the electronic devices automatically recover functions to guard sensitive materials. Regulated, unregulated, or adjustable power supplies are categorized based on the general performance producing steady currents or voltages at precise levels.

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Supplier:  VWR International
Description:   VWR® mini power supply is a basic and economical unit perfect for small nucleic acid gel tanks.
Supplier:  VWR International
Description:   This kit is a learn-by-building introduction to a motor’s basic components.
Supplier:  VWR International
Description:   This power supply is ideal for basic electrophoresis applications such as nucleic acid, protein separation and small Wet blot Western blotting applica...
Supplier:  Hardy Diagnostics
Description:   Wall charger power supply (charging cord) for TRIO.BAS™ MINI, and TRIO.BAS™ instruments using cables rather than the induction battery charger system.

Supplier:  Ace Glass
Description:   Powerstat variable output autotransformer delivers any output voltage in the range of zero to, or above, line voltage, up to 140 volts.
Supplier:  Cytiva
Description:   Models EPS 3501 and EPS 3501 XL power supplies feature a linear voltage ramp mode along with constant voltage, current, and power modes.
Supplier:  Analytik Jena US
Description:   UVP Pen-Ray® Power Supplies for use with UVP Pen-Ray® lamps.
Product available on GSA Advantage® Small Business Enterprise

Supplier:  Brady Worldwide
Description:   BMP50 Series AC Adaptor/Battery Charger, This allows operation of the BMP series label printers from a wall outlet. It also doubles as a battery charger for the printersfeet rechargeable batteries.

Supplier:  Ace Glass
Description:   2000 watt voltage converter can be used as a step up transformer in 110/120 volt countries or as a step down transformer in 220/230/240 volt countries...
Small Business Enterprise

Supplier:  Thermo Scientific
Description:   Carry out DNA and RNA electrophoresis with the help of the Owl EC-105 Compact Power Supply, equipped with an overcurrent detector for maximum safety.
Catalog Number: (470315-120)

Supplier:  Vernier Software & Technology
Description:   The Go Direct® charge station is the perfect solution for charging Go Direct sensors.

Supplier:  Extech
Description:   Laboratory Grade Power Supply with 30V/20A Max output
Supplier:  Axygen Scientific
Description:   Axygen power supplies are ideal for most electrophoresis needs.
Supplier:  Safety & Industrial Supplies
Description:   Vinyl jackets offer great abrasion, moisture, and sunlight resistance
Catalog Number: (470122-110)

Supplier:  B & K Precision
Description:   Compact design features excellent regulation and great reliability
Small Business Enterprise
Supplier:  Tripp Lite
Description:   Rugged surge suppressor provides reliable surge, spike and line noise protection for equipment in industrial, automotive and factory environments
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Stock for this item is limited, but may be available in a warehouse close to you. Please make sure that you are logged in to the site so that available stock can be displayed. If the call is still displayed and you need assistance, please call us at 1-800-932-5000.
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